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Raven Barbiran and Nayah Damasen sing!

Check out this gorgeous rendition of “When You Believe” that I recorded with my amazing students, Nayah (9) and Raven (13). Their voices are so rich and agile! A big thank you Raven and Nayah and their awesome parents for creating this video so we can share their voices far and wide.

Raven Barbiran sings!

What a rich, gorgeous voice my student, Raven Barbiran, has – enjoy!! (Video taken by her proud uncle)

Nayah did it again!

My student, Nayah Damasen, sang a gorgeous version of the national anthem at the Santa Cruz Warriors’ game! Isn’t she amazing? The Santa Cruz patch said this: “Watch the video and you’ll see something rare. Players ran out to shake hands with the 8-year-old who sang the National Anthem at the Santa Cruz Warriors playoff game Saturday.The crowd was cheering… (more…)

Landfill Harmonic’s international video, “A Better Place”

Ok, this is gorgeous!

Doug Pohorski and his brilliant acoustic bass -ology

Love this version of “Message in a Bottle” by Sting, for Hurricane Sandy benefit. Puts a new slant on the song for this Jersey girl…

Sting – Message In A Bottle (Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together Live) (2012)

Today I took a journey back in time and visited with some old photographs.

Fingernail Moon

I’ve been addicted to this song lately…I love Annie Lennox.

Great new iphone app

An awesome iphone app to learn to sing harmonies.

Be the Tree; Be the Bird

How to sustain oneself in this crazy world?
“Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come.” ~Chinese Proverb